Chimney Cleaning To Help Prevent Problems When Using Your Fireplace

Issues with dirty chimneys can cause hazards or damage to the fireplace. Therefore, you may want to have your chimney cleaned before using your fireplace. This is something that you can also have done in the middle of winter to reduce hazards. The following chimney cleaning information will help reduce problems when you use your fireplace:

Cleaning Debris From the Chimney In Autumn

In autumn, there could be a buildup of debris inside the chimney. Sometimes, this debris is due to pests building nests inside your fireplace. This can cause serious safety issues when you start using the fireplace. Tasks that need to be done to deal with these problems in autumn include:

  • Removing any debris from the chimney
  • Cleaning the chimney stack
  • Inspecting the chimney for damage

Always inspect your chimney for nests and debris before using the fireplace. This helps you avoid serious problems with it catching on fire.

Removing Soot Buildup From the Chimney

Soot that builds up inside chimney stacks can be a serious problem. If you burn materials like pine firewood, the resins can cause fires. Therefore, you will want to clean the soot and resin buildup from your chimney. This is something you may want to have done a couple of times a year. In addition, if you burn natural firewood, use hardwood materials like oak instead of pine. This will reduce the buildup of resins inside the chimney stack.

Cleaning and Testing the Flue for Issues

The flue of your chimney helps prevent heat from escaping and allows you to adjust airflow. It is another component of your fireplace that can become covered in resin buildup. This can lead to chimney fires. This can create damages to the fireplace that cause smoke to get into your home. Therefore, you want to make sure the flue is cleaned and tested to ensure it is working properly.

Cleaning Ashes and Soot From the Fireplace

Ashes and soot inside the fireplace are other hazards that you will want to avoid. You can clean the ashes out with specially designed vacuum canisters to avoid problems with hot embers. Occasionally, you will want to have the fireplace thoroughly cleaned to remove any buildup of resins inside the box. You may also want to inspect your chimney for damage before the work is completed.

The cleaning of your chimney is important to maintain your fireplace if you use it regularly. Contact a residential chimney cleaning service for more information.

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