Three Materials To Consider For Your Shower Niche

If you're thinking about adding a shower niche to one of the showers in your home, there are plenty of topics to consider. The size, shape, and even location of the niche can all help to make it handy for holding soap, shampoo, and other similar products. You'll also need to consider what material you want for the shower niche. There are a number of viable options, and each can offer a different look and different benefits. Speak with a contractor who has previous experience installing shower niches, as he or she will be able to give you some suggestions on materials. Here are three materials that are popular for this application.


For many homeowners, tile is an ideal material for a shower niche. This is especially true for showers that have tiled walls. The big benefit of using this material is how well it matches with the surrounding environment. Your contractor can use the same types of tiles that are on the walls of your shower to construct the niche, which provides a uniform look. Another option is to look for tiles that complement the tiles on the wall rather than match directly. This approach can provide visual interest. For example, if you have white or gray tiles on the wall, you might opt for colorful tiles for the niche to add a splash of color.

Stainless Steel

Another route that you can take with this project is to choose stainless steel for your shower niche material. Unlike a tile niche, which your contractor will build, piece by piece, into the wall, a stainless steel niche consists of one piece that the contractor will slip into an appropriately sized hole. Stainless steel provides a sleek and modern appearance, which you may find favorable in your bathroom. Additionally, if you have other steel elements in the space — the shower taps, the doorknob, and other such devices — a stainless steel niche can match well.


Plastic is another shower niche to think about when you're planning this project with your contractor. Like stainless steel, a plastic shower niche comes in a single piece that your contractor will install for you. The primary advantage of choosing plastic is the affordability. In general, this material will be less expensive than tile or stainless steel. Plastic shower niches are often white, but your contractor may be able to source different colors for you. A benefit of white is that it can provide a clean look in this application.

To learn more, contact a contractor that builds or installs shower niches.

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