Reasons To Include A Booth In Your Custom Home Kitchen

If your family always enjoys seeking out a booth when you visit a restaurant, you might love the idea of a booth in your home. Should you be in the process of designing a custom home with a local builder, now is the time to seriously think about the value of a booth. One option is to plan for a larger kitchen that has enough space to accommodate this feature. Think about how many people are in your immediate family and plan to include a booth of an appropriate size. Where you situate the booth depends on the layout of the kitchen, but this may end up being one of your family's favorite features in the entire home. Here are some reasons to include a restaurant-style booth in your custom home kitchen.

Fun For Kids

When you're designing a custom home, you should never overlook the value of features that simply add fun. While it's true that your family can exist without a restaurant-style booth, it's also true that this addition will be a lot of fun — especially for your kids. If getting your children to sit down for meals is a bit of a challenge at times, you may notice that they're keener on eating when they can do so in your booth. This can mean that this addition to your custom home makes every meal more pleasant for your entire family.

Valuable For Other Uses

Even if your family enjoys sitting down in your restaurant-style booth at mealtime, this doesn't mean that this space doesn't have value between meals. Another big reason to consider this addition to your custom home kitchen is that it offers valuable space for other purposes. For example, if you want your child working on homework while you prepare dinner, he or she can get set up in the booth. This may be handier than setting your child up to work in the dining room where you can't monitor him or her.

Effective For Dividing Space

A lot of people favor open-concept designs in their homes whenever possible. This can mean that you like the idea of not having a full wall between your kitchen and your dining area, for example. When you plan to add a restaurant-style booth, it can serve as a good room divider without closing off the open-concept feel in the same manner as a wall. For example, when you position the booth between the kitchen and dining area, it can help these two spaces to feel separate while still maintaining their spacious vibe.

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