Location Considerations For Adding A Reading Nook To Your Custom Home

If you're a prolific reader, one feature that you may want in your custom home is a library room. Another feature that may appeal to you is a reading nook. While you might like the idea of reading in your library from time to time, grabbing a book and a cup of tea and heading to a cozy nook can also be attractive. Inform your custom builder of your desire for a reading nook, and then discuss the suitable locations for it. There are many different locations in your home that can be suitable for a reading nook, but you'll generally want to choose a location that addresses these topics.


Most people require at least some degree of quiet when they're reading, so it's important to think about which spots in your custom home will be suitable in this regard. Something off the kitchen or living room won't likely work, as these rooms can often be hubs of activity in your home — and with activity comes considerable noise, which isn't conducive to reading. Try to find a spot in the house where you'll be able to read with minimal interruption and without hearing all of the noise from other parts of the home.


Another key characteristic that you'll want for your reading nook is brightness. While you can always read while seated next to a light, natural light flowing in through a window will help to make this space inviting — as well as make the pages of your book clear. Your custom home builder may recommend adding a window in your reading nook. Or, if you're choosing a location on the upper floor of the home, a skylight may even be suitable for brightening this space.


People love the idea of being cozy while they read, and a reading nook should definitely offer this feel. The manner in which you furnish the nook will have an impact. For example, you'll likely want a comfortable sofa or chair, as well as some pillows and blankets. The location of the nook itself can help it feel cozy, though. Generally, you want this space tucked into a self-contained area. A chair in a wide part of the hallway, conversely, hardly counts as a proper reading nook because the space isn't exactly cozy. Your builder likely has past experiences with building reading nooks and can give you a number of location suggestions to ensure that you make a good decision.

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