3 Bathroom Remodeling Trends To Incorporate

At least annually, there will be changes in the trends for household remodeling projects. If you anticipate remodeling your bathroom, there are several trends that can transform your bathroom from plain to extraordinary.

Open Floor Plans

To achieve a more open bathroom, you may need extra space to expand the size of your bathroom. No more cramped bathrooms where there's little room to move between the toilet and bathtub. With an open floor plan, the tub may sit directly in the center of the bathroom, which can give the area a more spa-like quality. Extra space also allows for an extensive vanity, larger window, and comfortable seating. In addition to the comfort associated with an open floor plan, this change can also work well if you plan to stay in your home indefinitely. As your needs change, it is always plausible you may experience mobility limitations, and more space makes it easy to have a bathroom that is accessible for your future needs.

Neutral Colors

Many people choose to move away from the traditional white bathroom, but instead of opting for bright colors, neutrals are all the rage. On the mellow end of the spectrum, soft browns and grays can work well in the bathroom, but if you want more of a moody statement, choose black. One of the advantages of choosing neutrals, especially black, is these colors are soothing and help your bathroom become more relaxing. Neutral colors also give you more options for the vanity, walls, and flooring, since many natural stones compliment these colors. If neutrals are not your style, consider variants of blue or green. Regardless of whether you choose a soft or rich blue or green, the ambiance should still be relaxing, especially since these colors are frequently associated with the water or nature.

Heavy Metals

The look of metal, even in the bathroom, is another popular trend. Metal can easily be incorporate in both an open floor plan and neutral palette. For example, instead of a traditional vanity, you may want the beautiful copper or aluminum pipes under the bathroom sink to show. Not only does this highlight more metal in your bathroom, but it makes the bathroom feel more open, especially if under the vanity are open shelves instead of a closed cabinet door. Similar tactics can be used for other bathroom shelving used to keep towels and toiletries. Most metals can work well with neutral colors and you may want to be adventurous and mix metals. For a warmer look that complements browns, try brass, copper, and gold. To compliment a cooler-toned bathroom, silver and gunmetal works well with black and gray.

When incorporating trends in bathroom remodeling, it is important to choose changes that will not become outdated quickly. Both the use of neutrals and metal can easily stand the test of time no matter how often trends change.

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