The Benefits of a Screened Porch

If you are thinking about making an addition or two to your house, one option that could bring many years of enjoyment is a screened porch. Regardless of whether you put it on the front or back of your house, a screened porch could soon end up being your favorite spot to hang out with family and friends. Here's why you might want to see out some local porch builders today.

Expand Your Living Space for More Privacy

If your house is getting a bit crowded these days due to your children growing up, it might be a good idea to create an area where you can just kick back and relax away from the chaos that is going on indoors. A screened porch in your backyard can provide a private moment or two for you and your spouse. A screened porch can act as a dramatic expansion of your home's available living space without having to knock down any walls.

Enjoy Being Outdoors Without Worrying About Pests

If you've always enjoyed sitting outside but your neck of the woods is prone to insects and other pests in the summer, a screened porch could be exactly the retreat you are looking for. One the screen is properly set up, you and your children can go outside without worrying about a bee, hornet or any other unwanted guest arriving to cause a problem.

You Can Sit Outside Even When it Rains

If you are tired of the rain ruining your fun outdoors, a screened porch can allow you to get the last laugh. A properly installed screen and canopy will keep you and your family from getting wet. It can be great fun to sit outside during a downpour, just listening to the pitter patter of raindrops as they fall harmlessly against your screen.

A Great Place to Hang Out

The installation of a new porch can also provide a welcome spot to get together with your neighbors or friends. You can crack open a few cold ones, sit back and trade stories while enjoying the scenery all around you.

If you are looking to make an addition to your home, why not consider a screened porch? A screened porch can provide additional living space that will allow you some privacy and the screen itself will let you sit outdoors without worrying about pests or Mother Nature. Contact a local porch builder today like Framar  Construction for more information.

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