Signs Your Old Garage Door Needs Replacing

If you currently have an old door on your garage, you may wonder whether or not it is time to let it go and have a new one installed. If your garage door isn't working like it used to, look for the following signs that your old garage door is in need of replacement:

Shaking and Rattling Occurs While in Motion

One of the first things you may notice when your garage door is starting to break down is the constant shaking and rattling every time it is in motion. Whenever you open or close the door, the entire time it is moving the door violently shakes and makes a horribly loud noise.

This behavior could be caused by a number of things. The springs may be rusted and broken, the tracks and door could be out of alignment, or the door itself may be warped or cracked. The problem could also be caused by a mixture of the three, making it more expensive to repair each individual problem than it would be to simply replace the door.

Opening and Closing the Door Is Difficult

Another problem you may notice with your garage door is that you have difficulty opening and closing it. Whether you have a garage door opener or you manually open and close the door, it may stall or catch halfway up or down. There may even be a loud pop right when it stops because the door is warped and it is attempting to flatten itself out under the pressure.

The door may be so out of alignment that it has become agonizingly slow and stiff as it moves. If you have to manually work your door, you may actually feel the strain on your muscles as you try to force the door to move. 

Even if you can move the door all the way down, you may find that you cannot latch or lock it without pulling or pushing on the door, straining both yourself and the door. If you cannot lock it at all, it is time to replace it because you can no longer guarantee the security of your possessions inside your garage.

If your garage door is exhibiting one or more of the above signs, it is probably time to have it replaced. Contact a garage door installation service in your area to discuss your various options for replacing your old garage door with a new one.

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