How A Spa Service Keeps Your Spa Ready For Daily Use

A spa is so relaxing that you may use it more than you do your pool. Many people even opt for a spa over a pool since it provides the benefits of water relaxation while taking up less space. Spas need regular care, just like pools. Since the water is warmer and the space is smaller, frequent cleaning is needed to keep the water sparkling clear and sanitary. Hiring a spa service is a good way to keep your pool ready for daily use. Here are some services they may provide.

Scrubbing The Sides And Bottom

Body oil and suntan lotion float to the sides of the spa and leaves an oily ring. They can make the sides feel slick and slimy if the sides aren't cleaned regularly. Plus, if algae begins to grow, it may stain the walls or bottom. One important service a spa cleaner will do is scrub the sides and bottom of the spa. This removes the uncomfortable slimy feeling and it keeps the spa sanitary. This can be done with a brush and a vacuum. The vacuum will pull out debris knocked loose with the brush as well as pick up leaves and other debris that has settled on the bottom of the spa.

Cleaning The Filter

The filter in your spa keeps the water clean and clear. The grit and bugs it filters out get trapped inside the filter and need cleaned out. The filter should be rinsed with a hose about once a week. If you have weekly service calls, the spa cleaner can maintain the care of the filter. If you have bi-weekly or monthly service, you may need to remove the filter yourself occasionally and hose it off.

In addition to rinsing the filter clean occasionally, the spa service will clean it with filter cleaner when indicated. The cleaner is applied and allowed to work for several minutes before it is rinsed off. Your filter may even be deep cleaned every few months by soaking it overnight in filter cleaner. This keeps it sanitary and free from debris so it can clean your spa efficiently.

Applying Chemical Treatments

Your spa may need a variety of treatments to maintain the proper water condition. If you have hard water, softening the water and removing calcium buildup may be necessary so the jets and other parts of the spa don't have scale buildup. Your spa may also be treated to keep algae from growing and to balance out the level of chlorine. It's also important to balance the pH of the water in your hot tub because if it is out of the neutral range, then water sanitizers aren't as effective. Test strips reveal the condition of the water, and they help the spa cleaner choose the necessary chemicals to bring the water back into the right range for safe soaking.

Maintaining a spa isn't difficult work, but it has to be done on schedule or the water may become cloudy and unsanitary. A spa service will come on your selected frequency to make sure the spa is always clean and the water is balanced so all you have to do is slip into the spa after a long day at work and enjoy the relaxing water.

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