3 Useful Safety Gear To Utilize When Welding

Welding is an important trade to the industrial field, as it lets fabricators put various materials together. It can also be a dangerous activity. As such, it's important to utilize the following safety gear for every weld. 

Welding Shirt 

A more dangerous aspect of welding is when sparks fly up when your welding device hits the material you're working on. If you're not careful, severe burns and sores could occur. These injuries can easily be prevented on the top portion of your body thanks to welding shirts, though.

Featuring a flame-resistant material, these shirts will protect your upper body from excessive heat and burns. You'll thus have added confidence when working with various materials. Even though these shirts are durable, they are also lightweight. You therefore don't have to worry about your movement being restricted in the slightest. Finally, welding shirts often have a breathable design to prevent you from overheating in hot welding environments. 

Welding Helmet with Lens Technology 

Since welding does involve a lot of sparks and heat, you'll want to protect your face and eyes. You can do so effectively by wearing a welding helmet with lens technology. These helmets provide your face with full coverage, and the lens technology allows for optimal viewing performance in any environment. 

When looking for these helmets, it's important to select one with a comfortable design. After all, some of your welding projects may take hours to complete. Also, it's a good idea to select a welding helmet with a large viewing area. This way, you can see everything in front of you when welding.

Goatskin Welding Gloves

Welding naturally exposes your hands to excessive heat, which is why you need to always wear goatskin welding gloves. They are completely fireproof, no matter how close your hands get to the welding device. The goatskin material also prevents abrasions from occurring, while a thumb reinforcement gives your hands extra protection.

In addition to providing supreme protection, these gloves feature extra-strength Kevlar on the seams. This design ensures they hold up for a long time in whatever environment you leave them in. Lastly, a lot of goatskin gloves have cotton liner for extra comfort.

If you weld on a regular basis, it's absolutely key to wear the right stud welding equipment to prevent severe accidents from occurring. Make sure your body is covered head to toe in gear that's approved for this type of extreme activity. 

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