Why Tankless Water Heaters And Well Pumps Are A Match Made In Heaven

Wells are a finite way to get water. They eventually run dry, and no more water can be pumped from them. If you are lucky, you may get about twenty or so years' of water from your well from the date it was created. In rockier territories or shallow wells, you will not get a well to last quite that long.

You need to conserve and use every drop of water you can. If you do not have a tankless water heater in your home now, you really should consider installing one. They are the perfect match for homes that utilize well water as their main water source. Here is why.

You Do Not Have a Ton of Well Water in a Hot Water Heater

With regards to wells, conserving water is an absolute must. Channeling that water into a traditional water heater is a waste. You are leaving dozens of gallons of precious, finite well water sit in the water heater until you need it. While that water sits, it either leaks a bit out of the bottom of your water heater, or it evaporates inside the water heater. Lost water cannot be recovered. With the tankless water heater, NO water sits, leaks, or evaporates. The hot water you need is on demand and created only when you need it. 

The Tankless Water Heater Is a Pump Itself

Inside a well, you have a pump that pulls the water out of the ground. The water heads into a holding tank. When you turn on a faucet or flush the toilet, the water comes from the holding tank. With a tankless water heater, you have a second pump inside your house. This second pump inside the tankless water heater provides additional pressure to pull water from the holding tank and bring it in to be heated and then pushed into the hot water pipes. 

The Day You Struggle to Get Hot and Cold Water 

Think about it. The tankless water heater and the well pump work in tandem to provide your home with hot and cold running water. The day that you cannot get either hot or cold water is the day that you know that something is really wrong with the pumps in these systems, or that your well has finally run dry. Either way, calling a pro out for well pump service will help confirm or deny the dryness of your well.

Contact a company like Hull Well & Pump Service for more information and assistance. 

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