Important Things To Know About Drain Cleaning

Issues with the drains in your home are fairly common, but you may not always realize that you can often prevent these issues through preventive maintenance. In particular, drain cleaning is an essential part of caring for your house, and you may want to develop a better understanding of this type of plumbing maintenance.

What Causes Your Drains To Need Cleaning?

You might assume that only large items can lead to a drain becoming clogged, but it is also possible for small particulate matter to get deposited along the sides of the pipe. This problem can be worse when there is a greasy layer on the interior of the pipes, as this will help to trap these particles. Over time, these substances will continue to build up, and only having the pipe thoroughly cleaned will remove these unsanitary substances from your plumbing system.

Can Neglecting To Clean The Drains Lead To Problems For You Home's Plumbing?

Failing to clean your home's drains can have harmful effects on the performance of your home's plumbing. If you do not periodically remove these growing accumulations, they can cause the water flowing through the drain and pipe to become constricted. Eventually, this problem will result in the water flow through the pipe completely stopping. Unfortunately, this is not the only way that this problem can interfere with your plumbing. As these substances start to decompose, they will produce very unpleasant smells. These odors can accumulate in the pipe and gradually vent through the drain. This can lead to the area near your drains developing a very foul odor, and it may also attract insects.

Will A Drain With A Garbage Disposal Require Special Cleaning Steps?

Many kitchens are equipped with a garbage disposal to make it easier to remove food from plates. However, the presence of this device will greatly increase the importance of regularly cleaning the drain. These devices have numerous crevices and difficult-to-reach areas that can trap food particles. Also, those with garbage disposals will put far more organic waste down their drains than those that do not have one of these appliances. To keep these factors from leading to problems with your system, you will want to thoroughly clean it every couple of weeks. Furthermore, thoroughly rinsing the garbage disposal after each use can help to remove much of the food debris and remnants before they are able to get stuck to the garbage disposal. 

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