5 Green Ideas For Your New Home

Building a custom home gives you the opportunity to make environmentally friendly choices in materials and design. If you want a green home, your first step is to work with a builder that shares this goal. The next step is to integrate a few of the following ideas into your design.

Idea #1: Alternative energy

One of the main points of consumption in the modern home is electricity. You can help green your energy use by taking your home partially or fully off-grid. Eco-friendly energy options include solar and wind. You can have solar panels included in the design of your roof, or even have a small rooftop wind turbine installed.

Idea #2: Passive solar design

A passive solar home is designed so that it absorbs the heat from the sun during the winter months to minimize energy needs, often by utilizing a southward facing wall of windows along with brick or stonework that can absorb the heat. In the summer, large shade awnings or trees in full leaf will keep the home cool.

Idea #3: Reclaimed materials

Integrating as many reclaimed and recycled materials in the home as possible is a major green decision that gives you plenty of options. For example, you can purchase roofing materials, either metal or asphalt, made from recycled materials. Interior tiles, countertops, and fixtures are also easy to reclaim from other buildings. You can then use them as-is or alter them to better fit your space.

Idea #4: Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials are renewable and don't have a major impact in production or later disposal. For example, bamboo is a more sustainable choice than slow-growing hardwood for floors and cabinets. Wool insulation is more sustainable than fiberglass. Recycled glass tiles are a better choice compared to glass tiles made from virgin materials. There are many places where you can switch to more sustainable materials without compromising on appearance or quality.

Idea #5: Save water

Another major place to go green in your new home is with your plumbing fixtures, including toilets, taps, showers, and washing machines. Opt for low-flow varieties to cut down on water waste. Instead of a tank water heater, opt for an on-demand system so you aren't wasting water waiting for the warm flow. Even outdoor irrigation can be designed to save water. Washing machines, dishwashers, and other water-using appliances are also available in low water usage models.

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