Things to Know About Basement Waterproofing

Did rainwater get into the basement of your new house shortly after you moved in? Your basement is likely in need of being waterproofed, which will involve work on the interior and exterior of your house. You don't want to continue dealing with a flooded basement because this can cause your home to become excessively humid. Too much humidity can cause mold growth and can also cause objects made of wood to lose their form. Below, you will find a list of tips that can come in handy if you move forward with getting your basement waterproofed.

Get Your Soil Leveled Out

Sloped soil is one of the common reasons for a basement becoming flooded with rainwater, so it is wise to get the soil leveled out. However, how the slope of the soil affects your house depends on how the soil is sloped. If the soil is sloped with the highest portion being close to your house, the slope can actually lead water away from the foundation. However, a slope in the opposite direction makes it easy for rainwater to accumulate against your house. You can then end up with the water seeping through the walls or foundation and flooding the basement.

Invest in Functional Rain Gutters

The condition of your rain gutters play a role in how well your basement is waterproofed. You must understand that rainwater can fall off of the house and saturate the soil in a fast manner if the rain gutters are not functional. If you have noticed that the gutters are not properly attached to your house, get them repaired as soon as possible. If the gutters are full of dirt and debris, get into the habit of keeping them clean. Removing debris can be done with a trowel, and then you can clean the gutters by using a long garden hose to get rid of stuck dirt.

Make Sure No Cracks Are in the Exterior Walls

It is important for the exterior walls to be free from cracks if you want to keep rainwater out of your basement. Even the smallest crack can allow water to seep in, and that can gradually damage the drywall inside of your house and cause more problems. Make sure all cracks in the walls are sealed up by a professional, especially the cracks that are located closest to the foundation.

Get a Sump Pump Installed in the Basement

You must be prepared in the event that rainwater gets inside of your basement again. It is wise to invest in getting a submersible sump pump installed in your basement. The basement will be able to automatically remove water before it causes damage and humidity problems. A contractor will basically have to dig a small hole in the basement floor for the pump to sit in and install a few parts. Contact a sump-pump contractor so work can begin.

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