Tips For Cutting Brick Pavers On A Rented Wet Masonry Saw

If you are making a walkway to your home using brick pavers, then it is important that you now how to properly use a wet masonry saw. By cutting the pavers on a rented masonry saw, you can create neat angles and make a unique looking walkway. To this end, use these time-tested tips to safely and effectively use a rented wet masonry saw for the first time to cut your walkway's pavers:

Tip: Keep an Adequate Water Supply in the Saw's Water Basin

Wet masonry saws use water to cool and lubricate their diamond blades during the cutting process. Without adequate clean water, the blade will bind in the pavers and its diamonds will become detached or damaged. For these reasons, it is vital that you fill the water basin in the saw until it is completely full, and that you keep an eye on its level as you make your cuts. When the water level drops below the "full" line, add more water. When the water becomes cloudy with paver dust, you need to dump it out and refill the basin with clean water.

Tip: Keep the Water Pump Flowing Freely

To move the water from the basin to the blade, a masonry saw uses a small water pump similar to those found in fish tanks. Inside the pump is a small sponge that acts as a filter to keep the paver dust's clay out of the pump. If you will be making many cuts, then you need to take the sponge filter out of the pump on a regular basis and clean it out. Without doing this, the flow of water will decrease and your blade can become damaged.

Tip: Don't Rush the Pavers Through the Saw

Finally, when you are cutting brick pavers in a wet masonry saw, you should allow them to feed slowly through the blade without applying too much pressure. Masonry blades cut by running their diamonds on the side of their blade through the brick paver and slowly grinding off the material. You should apply a slight bit of pressure to keep the pavers through the saw but not enough to cause the saw to bind down. Rushing the pavers through the saw will cause them to have blade marks on the cut areas and can bind the saw and permanently damage its motor. You can tell the saw is binding by listening for a change in its sound because a binding blade will cause extra stress on the saw's motor.

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