Planning a Computer Restack Week

As new technology creates a clear difference in computer performance and new features, businesses may need to upgrade entire departments to a new set of systems. Although necessary, such upgrades are resource intensive, as they require either bringing in an after-hours Information Technology (IT) team for multiple days or interrupting the productivity of the affected department. Here are a few ways to efficiently make the move as well as some problems to avoid.

After-Hours Changes Are Best 

If your business has daily tasks and pending work that always needs to be completed, try to avoid interrupting your workers for long periods of time with the upgrade and removal process. Although a little interruption is to be expected as employees get used to the new systems and any glitches or problems arise with individual computers, this is better than setting the entire department aside as equipment is moved.

Out of sight, out of mind is also an important part of the task. Employees have a lot of say when it comes to how their computer is customized when it turns on, but there's no need for non-technicians to micromanage technicians during the move, no matter how skilled they think they are with computers. It's inevitable that someone will step in the way of a technician to make a few requests or suggestions, and that can be done after the upgrade is complete.

Moving systems after hours avoids most of these problems, as does handling only a set number of systems per day. By focusing on a set number of systems, you can make sure those systems can be upgraded and finalized as an entire group so that a single, cohesive team won't have incomplete upgrades if time runs out for the evening. Employees will be out of the way, and there will be less traffic in the business so that workers carrying heavy computers and peripherals won't have to dodge their clients on the way in and out.

Have a Recycling Plan in Mind

As you get rid of old systems, you should have a plan ready for recycling in order to get the last bit of benefits from your retired computers. This can be in the form of donations for tax purposes or community assistance or may include recycling specific parts.

With working systems, you have a few marketplace options. Your business could sell the old systems at a lower rate and consider them business sales, or you could use a donation program to distribute the systems. Donations can be to a larger donation clearinghouse that distributes the systems as they see fit, or your business could plan their own one-time donation program to infuse the community with computer-skill opportunities.

Although computers are getting cheaper, the premium added to new computers may still be too high for low-income households. Empowering your local community can create future employees from both children as they grow through the education system and adults who just need a training system to prepare for employment.

For recycling, you can load your systems into a roll-off container in bulk for deposit at a recycling center or ask your technical department or contractors to take the systems apart. In some cases, individual components and materials such as rare earth magnets or copper and aluminum heat sinks could fetch better individual prices at private sales.

Go to sites of various professionals who provide roll-off containers to rent to have the disposal units dropped off in a convenient location for upgrade and removal professionals and so you can ship your units out efficiently. 

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