Three Things To Know About Operating A Riding Lawn Mower For The First Time

A riding lawn mower can make cutting a large lawn much easier than using a push mower to cut it. If you have never used a riding lawn mower before, you more than likely don't know how to use it properly. Use the guide below to learn a few tips for using a riding lawn mower for the first time.

You Still Need to Remove Debris from Your Lawn

There are many people who think that the riding lawn mower is powerful enough to be able to shred through tree limbs and large sticks with ease, but that is not the case at all. You want to be sure to walk around your yard and remove all large sticks or tree limbs so that you do not run over them with the mower. If you did run over them, they could dent or bend the blades on the mower and cause it not to work as well.

Choosing the Right Blade Height

On a riding lawn mower, you can easily change the height of the blade to change the height that your grass will be when you are finished mowing. You want to be sure that you do not put the deck of the mower too low as the blades could grind into the dirt when you go over humps in your yard. You also do not want to cut the grass too low because it could cause it to dry out and die in the hot summer months. It is often a good idea to start off with your deck at one of the middle height levels so that you can be sure you are not damaging the blades as you mow and that you do not cut your grass so short that it causes it to die.

Automatic Shut Off

Most mowers are designed to automatically shut off if anything unsafe occurs during the operation of the mower. If you lift your weight off of the seat of the mower, it will more than likely shut off. This is to ensure that no one can fall off of the mower and then accidentally get run over by it while they are mowing the grass. Going in reverse in some mowers while the blades are engaged can also cause some mowers to shut off to ensure that no one can back over anything or anyone accidentally. To go in reverse on the mower, you need to stop the blades from being engaged and then go in reverse.

Operating a riding lawn mower is easy to do once you get used to it. Be sure to take your time when mowing for the first few times to ensure that you make as even of lines in your yard as you can so it has a professional look when you are done.

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