Places In Your Home That Probably Need More Insulation

It's no secret that adding insulation to your home can lead to increased energy savings and comfort. Insulation isn't just to keep you warm in winter, either. It can also help keep your home cooler in summer by preventing the loss of cool interior air or the entrance of hot exterior air. If you are wondering where you may need to add insulation, this guide can help.

The Attic

Attics are often under-insulated. Since heat rises, you want to make sure that you aren't losing warmth through the attic during cold winter weather. Crawlspace-style attics are good candidates for blown-in insulation. For this, a large hose is placed into the attic and insulation is blown in. Walk-up attics are better suited for traditional batting if the ceiling isn't finished. The insulation is simply unrolled between rafters and nailed in place. If the ceiling is finished, then small holes are drilled in the wall board and insulation is blown in. Then, the holes are patched and painted.


Floors are another area that may be overlooked, especially if your home has a crawlspace or basement beneath it. Homes on slab foundations are usually fine, although you can have insulated pads or even flooring installed over the slab if you are worried about cold feet. For homes with basements, usually batting is attached underneath the floorboards – to the basement ceiling – between joists. This is also how crawlspaces are usually insulated. Regular fiberglass batting or foam batting can be used.


Exterior walls can also be under-insulated, especially if you live in an older home. If the insulation doesn't fill the space in the walls, then blown-in insulation is the least invasive option since it only requires a small hole which can be patched. There are ways to use batting insulation if you don't mind removing wall boards completely and then replacing them with new ones. This usually isn't recommended due to cost and time.

Pipe and Vent Entrances

Some of the more overlooked yet highly underinsulated areas are anywhere that pipes, cables, or vents enter or exit the home. The issue is that a small uninsulated gap is usually left around these devices. You can quickly fix the issue with a can of spray insulation. Simply place the nozzle into the gap and fill it with foam. The foam will expand as it dries. Once dried, you can simply trim off any excess with a knife.

Talk to an insulation professional in your area for more info.

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