Residential Fencing: 4 Fun And Unique Options To Consider

A fence is a great addition to any backyard. Not only does it provide privacy, it also helps to define your space. In addition, fences make your yard a lot safer for pets and children. Although fences are commonly made from wood or vinyl, those aren't the only two options available. In fact, there are several unique options when it comes to backyard fencing.

So what are some fun and interesting fencing types you might want to consider? Here are four:

1. Hedges

If you want a natural fence that provides privacy, hedges are a great solution. These hardy plants are nearly impossible to see through and they can be as tall or as short as you like. Some popular options for hedge fences include shrubs like lilacs or magnolia. While hedge-style fences do provide a lot of privacy, they probably aren't a good idea if you are concerned about keeping pets or children in your lawn; as they could easily escape through the shrubbery. Additionally, hedges will need regular maintenance such as clipping and watering, so keep that in mind as well.

2. Mesh Screen

Another unique option for backyard fencing is mesh screens. Attached to an existing chain link fence, these screens help to define the space. They also add a modest amount of privacy, as they are somewhat see-through. Available in a variety of colors, mesh fencing helps to filter the wind. They also block out some of the sunlight, which makes your lawn a lot more comfortable—especially on hot, summer days.

3. Faux Rock

Ideal for homeowners that want fencing that appears natural, faux rock is a good idea. Lightweight, these fences are usually attached to steel rails. Sturdy and available in many colors and textures, these fences can easily match any décor style. Rust-resistant, faux rock fences require minimal maintenance. As an added bonus, these fences can be as tall or as short as you like. This makes them another great option for those who want privacy in their backyard.

4. Retaining Wall

Finally, a retaining wall can also make a great fence. Although retaining walls are typically made from rocks or boulders, they can also be constructed out of wood. A very permanent solution, these fences are great for those who live in climates with harsh weather. Although easy to maintain, these fences must have very specific conditions in order to be installed. Sturdy and beautiful, these fences can provide minimal or maximum privacy from neighbors.

While wood, iron, and vinyl are the most popular fencing options for backyards, they aren't the only options. If you are interested in learning more about what fencing options are available to you, contact a local fencing contractor for more information about these and other options or click for more information.

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