Top 4 Types Of Fire Alarms For Your New Business

If you are in the process of building a new business, you need to think carefully about what type of fire alarm you want installed in your business. You'll want to make sure that you invest in a fire alarm that fits your business's unique needs; a fire can devastate a new business, which is why you should do everything you can to fight back against even the potential of a fire as you construct your business. Here are the top four types of fire alarms that you can have installed in your business.

#1 Thermal Sensors

With a thermal system, tiny sensors are installed throughout your building. Each sensor is set to detect when the thermal heat levels reach a certain threshold; when that threshold is met, an alarm will go off to alert everyone in the building that there may be a fire.

The nice thing about thermal sensors is that you can customize the thermal reading that will set off the alarm. So, if you have a thermal sensor next to the oven in your kitchen, you can set that one at a higher rating than the thermal sensor near the entryway of your store. Thermal sensors allow you to customize how you detect heat and fire in your business, which is ideal if use appliances or machines that produce a lot of heat.

#2 Photoelectric Systems

A photoelectric system is designed to be activated when either intense smoke or fire is present. A photoelectric system uses light sensors to determine if there is smoke or fire in the building. When their light sensors are interrupted, an alarm will sound. 

This type of systems works best when installed near combustible items such as paper, foam and rubber. 

#3 Ionization Systems

With an ionization system, ions flow back and forth between two electrically charged plates within the sensor. When there is excessive heat or smoke in the air, the flow of these ions between the two electrically charged plates is disturbed. This sets off an alarm. Like the photoelectric systems, these work best when installed near combustible items. 

#4 Wireless Systems

Wireless systems use radio frequency signals to communicate with one another, and all the sensors are routed through a main control panel. If there is a disturbance in the radio signals from a sensor to the main control panel, the main control panel will send out an alarm to all the other sensors, alerting you to the presence of a fire.

Talk with your contractor and with a fire prevention expert to determine which fire alarm system is right for your business. You may want to use a combination of the different types of alarms listed above in order to effectively protect your business. You may also want to employ a company to monitor your fire alarms so that a fast response is ensured if a fire is ever detected at your business. 

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