Rotary Screw Compressors: Ways They Can Save You Money And Increase Profits

If your business requires air compression, there are a lot of different types of compressors to consider. The large size of a rotary screw air compressor might seem impractical for your company at first glance, but rotary screw compressors may benefit your company because they can save you money and increase profits in a number of ways. Here are some examples.

More Power

Because of the big size of a rotary screw compressor, it is capable of producing more air, and in turn, more power. Compressors of this type provide constant output, also referred to as a 100% duty cycle. Other kinds of compressors, on the other hand, typically can only provide a 60% to 70% duty cycle.

As a result of size and continuous operating ability, one of the first things you may notice about rotary screw compressors is that projects are done faster. This can mean that you'll see a dip in your utility costs when compared to other compressors that take longer to get the job done and therefore use up more electricity. Your business may also see higher profits over time, as you are able to take on more work due to the efficiency and speed of these kinds of compressors.

Lubrication from Fluid Components

Generally, rotary screw compressors have components that are filled with fluid. This ensures that all the moving pieces are kept lubricated, which prevents too much friction and heat that could degrade different elements of the machine and cause you to have to make repairs or replace the entire thing.

A well-lubricated compressor will also be less likely to break down in the middle of a work day and cause you to have to delay project schedules, which could ultimately cost you to lose money. Being able to count on your compressors will allow you to keep your customers satisfied, and that can lead to repeat orders and increased profits.

No Need for Oil

As new models of rotary screw compressors are created, more and more of them are fueled with water instead of oil. Not only does this allow your business to operate in a more environmentally-friendly way, you will find that you save more money on business costs because there is no need to purchase oil.

Now that you are aware of how rotary screw compressors can save you money and benefit your business, start looking at different models to make a decision about which particular machine is right for you. Contact manufacturers and retailers of these machines, such as Kruge-Air Inc, for more guidance.

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