How To Clean Mold Off A Couch

When you notice mold growing on your couch, you might be tempted to throw it away. However, if you use the right methods, you can remove the mold stains and also prevent the mold from being dispersed to other areas of your home.

Put On The Appropriate Clothing

Before you begin the mold remediation process for your couch, put on the appropriate clothing. This will include long sleeves and pants that you wouldn't mind throwing away. Ideally, you should wear a respirator to avoid inhaling spores. However, if one isn't available, put on a face mask.

Move The Couch Outside

Move the couch outside, ideally, to minimize how much mold will be left behind. By leaving the couch out in the sun, you will allow the mold and mildew to dry, which will make it easier to clean up. If you cannot work outside, a garage, where you can clean up more quickly, is also ideal. Make sure that the area is well-ventilated by keeping windows open and running fans to circulate air.

Place Newspaper Underneath

Place newspaper around the couch. This will help you catch any mold that falls from the couch as you are cleaning it. Once you have finished cleaning the couch, pick up the newspaper and throw it away.

Inspect The Couch

Begin by inspecting the couch to determine how much mildew it has. Even if you think the mildew is only isolated to one location, you should check throughout the couch for more evidence of mildew. Check underneath any slip covers to make sure that the mold has not spread to underneath the cover.

Begin Cleaning The Couch

Before washing the couch, it should be dry wiped. When cleaning a leather couch, use a cloth. When cleaning a couch made of any other type of material, use a brush. Scrubbing away mold and mildew will help speed up the cleaning process, but there will be some areas that will need more than a light, dry brushing.

The couch is best cleaned by combining warm water with a half teaspoon of hand soap. Once the water and hand soap has been thoroughly mixed together, use the sponge to scrub the entire couch, focusing primarily on areas that are moldy. It is important to scrub more than simply the moldy areas because there are some mold spores that are not visible, but will continue to grow after you have finished scrubbing the visible areas. Rinse and ring the sponge periodically so that it remains clean enough to effectively remove the mold. Allow your couch to dry and then bring it back inside.

For assistance, talk to a mold remediation company like GEM Environmental, Inc.

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