About Getting Temporary Fencing For Your First Construction Project

Is this your first time constructing a building and you have no clue why you are required to put a fence up? There are many reasons why getting a temporary fence installed around the construction site is necessary. Take a look at the article below to find out some helpful information about using a temporary fence during building construction. 

1. Creates a Barrier Against Trespassers

Getting a temporary fence installed around the construction site can discourage potential trespassers from entering the construction site. It is a good idea to do everything possible to keep trespassers away from the construction site to prevent them from getting injured. You don't want to end up being held liable for someone's injury due to not having something in place to prevent it from happening. A temporary fence will not only create a barrier between the construction site and trespassers, but you will also be able to place warning signs on it.

2. Can Prevent Theft from Occurring

Construction equipment is expensive, whether it was rented or is your own. You must try to prevent the equipment from being stolen during the times that construction is not taking place. By installing a temporary fence, it can make it difficult for someone to steal large equipment like a crane. A temporary fence can also stall the theft of smaller pieces of equipment and supplies. You can even install a bright light to illuminate the construction site and fence to discourage criminals from committing theft.

3. Vandalism Can Be Prevented

There's nothing like starting the construction of a building and having to start over due to vandalism. You will not only possibly miss your deadline for completing the project, but can end up having to spend money on additional supplies. You might also have to pay your contractors more money to repair the area of the building that was vandalized. A temporary fence can discourage criminals due to the fact that they can't escape fast after committing vandalism.

4. Temporary Fences Are Designed for Easy Installation

There are a few different temporary fences to choose from that does not take long to install. A good option to consider is a chain link fence in the form of panels. The panels can be placed side by side to completely surround the construction site. The posts sit on top of the ground, which makes installation easy, as well as disassembly. A wire mesh is also a good option, as it sits on the ground like a chain link fence.

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