Why Fiberglass Is A Top-Of-The-Line Fence Material

Many homes are built with an unfinished yard. The first thing that most homeowners want to add to their yard is a fence. Of course, a fence can give your backyard a lot more privacy and safety. It is absolutely essential if you are a pet owner and have small children. Wooden fences are among the most common and popular. However, they do require a fair bit of upkeep. This is why many modern homeowners are choosing to invest in a low maintenance fencing product like fiberglass. This article will explain why fiberglass is an ideal material for fences.

Fiberglass is Strong and Light

Fiberglass fence slats are hollow. This makes them lightweight yet very strong at the same time. The actual fiberglass is very thin, but the tubelike construction adds strength and rigidity. Fiberglass fences are strong enough to be very tall, even the most residential offenses will be less than 8' tall.

Fiberglass Comes in Any Color

The most popular and common color for residential fences is definitely white. The classic style of a white picket fence has been used in residential construction for years. However, many homeowners want to choose a bolder color that will complement the exterior color scheme of their house. You might not be able to find an exact match at your local home improvement or fencing store, but you can custom order your fence in any color. You can bring in a color sample to get an exact color match. Your fence will be manufactured and painted using powder coating techniques.

Fiberglass is Easy to Clean

One of the best reasons to invest in fiberglass fences is the fact that it is a very low maintenance product. Fiberglass is completely waterproof so you never need to paint or restain it. At the same time, cleaning fiberglass is very straightforward. Just spray it down with the pressure washer and you should have no problem knocking away all of the dirt and grime buildup. Over the years, you will save a fair amount of time and money maintaining your fiberglass fence, when you compare it to a wooden fence.

It is easy to see why so many customers are choosing to invest in fiberglass instead of materials like wood. If you custom order your fence to match with other design elements on your home exterior, you can end up with the fence that complements your home and increases it's curb appeal. Contact a business, such as Everlasting Fence, for more information.   

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