Different Options For Insulating Open Spaces

To reduce unwanted airflow throughout your home, you need to insulate open space. These open spaces are typically the crawl space, garage and attic. However, before you can insulate these spaces, you need to choose the right product for the task.

Traditional Bat Insulation

The first option is use the traditional bat insulation. This product comes in large rolls that you cut into sections so that it will fit into the space you are trying to insulate.

To keep the insulation in place, you need to use construction grade staples. These staples go through the insulation and into the wood beneath it. However, you only need to use the staples for pieces of insulation that will go along the sides or top of the open space, such as the walls of your garage or the ceiling of the crawl space.

One problem that some people encounter is that this type of insulation is also porous, which means it will absorb moisture from the air. In areas with higher humidity, bat insulation may not be the best option.

Spray Foam Insulation

Another material you can use is spray foam insulation. With this option, an insulation company will spray the material directly onto the structure and the foam adheres on its own. If you are considering spray foam, you will also need to determine which type is best suited for your purposes.

Spray foam comes in two main types, which are open and closed cell. The difference between the two types of spray foam is how the bubbles inside of them collect and disperse throughout the insulation. For example, open cell spray foam has bubbles that stick together on all sides, which makes this material light and airy. Closed cell insulation has bubbles that stay independent of one another, thus creating a more firm insulation barrier.

When you live in an area with a higher humidity level, it is important to know that open cell spray foam is a more porous material. This product can absorb the moisture in the air and keep it trapped against the surface you are trying to insulate. For this reason, it is best to discuss both spray foam options with an insulation company before choosing one to place inside your home.

When you have the desire to insulate your home better, you want to consider all of your options. For more information, contact Fortune Insulation Contractors Inc or a similar company.

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