Safely Decorate Your Windows For The Holidays

If you're planning to decorate for the holidays, you'll no doubt want to show off some of those decorations by placing them in or near the windows in your home. These make for nice displays, but they can lead to dangerous situations that could hurt someone. Not decorating the windows doesn't do much good either because even that can lead to a problem. Here are four ways to safely decorate your windows and one way to keep your windows safe by decorating.

Keeping the Glass Intact

If you live in an area where birds are prone to flying into windows, add temporary decals, window film, or paper decorations secured with tape to the glass. Add snowflakes, snowmen, paper trees and ornaments for Christmas, paper dreidels for Hanukkah, and additional decorations for the holidays you want to celebrate. Place them 4 inches apart. The shapes will signal to birds that something is in the way, and they will not fly straight into the glass where they could hurt themselves and potentially break the glass.

Keeping Children Safe

Don't place sparkly ornaments or other kid-attracting decorations in windows, especially windows that you have open. There is the risk that a young child will climb up to get the ornament and possibly fall from the window. Screens will not act as nets; they'll tear and let the child through.

Keeping Emergency Exits Accessible

Don't block windows with displays that can't be moved easily. Even older children should be able to move them if they need to get out through a window because of a fire blocking the door, for example. If you really want to show off your tree, place it in a spot that is viewable from the window but that is not right in front of the window.

Keeping the House From Burning Down

Move all candles and hot items away from the drapes. This is such a simple task, but a lot of people like to place lit candles in the window. In fact, it's actually a tradition in some cultures and religions to place lit candles in windows. For example, there is an old American tradition of burning a candle in a window as a sort of welcome, and over the years this has changed to a Christmas-specific decoration. Many Jewish families place the lit menorah in a front window as a way to celebrate the story of Chanukah.

In these cases, electric candles and menorahs might be an option. However, remember to keep those away from small children (or keep the small children away from the lights) because the glass bulbs can still break if the child pulls the electric candle off the windowsill.

If you'd like more options for decorating your windows for the holidays while keeping your home safe, talk to window installation companies, such as Five Star Windows Inc. They have seen everything and can let you know about things to avoid or things to do for a safe and happy holiday.

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