Fiction Lover's Dream: Steampunk Bathroom Remodeling Project

Fiction lovers, alert! This is the coolest bathroom remodeling project you've never heard of until now: you can turn your bathroom into a monument to steampunk literature. All those gears, wind up clocks, copper pipes and heavily lacquered wood cabinets that you secretly keep stashed in your garage and attic now can have a place front and center in your very own bathroom. These tips and details will help you remodel your bathroom into the weirdest, darkest, moodiest, most exciting and fun bathroom on your block. Here's how.

Use Heavily Lacquered Wood Elements

Furniture--like the vanity and any cabinets--in your steampunk bathroom will be made of wood. Stain the wood dark and lacquer it heavily, both for effect and also to protect the wood from moisture and humidity in the room.

Install a Pull Chain Toilet with Copper, Wood or Cast Iron Cistern

Yes, they do still make pull chain toilets. No, they're not easy to find--but they are out there in specialty home appliance stores. Not only are pull chain toilets visually striking and totally functional, but they're also very space efficient because the cistern sits well overhead and doesn't take up any room on the floor.

Go with a Black, Brown and Gold Color Scheme

A black, brown and gold color scheme is the most obvious tip of the hat to the steampunk genre that you can make. If your bathroom is very small or dark, black paint could be too overwhelming. In that case, make the walls gold and reflective or a soft brown, and use black as an accent color.

Install Oil Rubbed Bronze Fixtures

Oil rubbed bronze fixtures are widely available and are a deep, rich brown color. Fixtures like this are a perfect addition to any steampunk bathroom.

Put in a Copper Pedestal Bathtub

This part is truly the icing on the cake. Believe it or not, some manufacturers do make bathtubs out of copper, and they're a sight to see. The rich golden brown colors and independent standing structure of a pedestal bathtub will make your steampunk bathroom truly beautiful.

Add More Fun Details

Once you've installed all the right fixtures and you've painted the room the right colors, you'll be left with the simple task of setting out a few small steampunk details. Below are a few things you can set out on your wooden vanity or hang from the walls:

  • Copper flight goggles, hanging from a hook.
  • A drippy candle in a solitary candle holder.
  • Old brown medicine bottles, with sepia colored labels.

With all this done, you'll be calling your bathroom a water closet and resisting the urge to put on your copper flight goggles in no time. Even if your budget is somewhat limited and a copper bathtub isn't in your future, most of the other features are more budget friendly and completely doable. If you have any questions, visit a bathroom remodeler like Patriot Construction.

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