3 Signs That Your Company Elevator Needs Maintenance Right Away

The elevator in your office is probably very handy, and it probably gets a lot of use throughout the day. To keep everyone safe when they are using your elevator, it is critical to have it repaired as soon as possible when there is a problem. Many people don't know how to detect elevator problems, but these are a few signs that your elevator needs to be serviced.

1. It's Not Flush With the Floor When It Stops

One common problem that you can look out for is when your elevator door opens but the elevator itself is not flush with the floor. In many cases, the elevator might stop just below the floor that it has traveled to, which causes the need to step up when getting out of the elevator. This is a problem for a couple of reasons. First of all, someone could trip when exiting the elevator, which is something that you obviously want to avoid. Secondly, this is a sign that the brakes or another part of the elevator could be worn out, which could pose a danger.

2. It's Very Noisy

An elevator that is in good working condition should be pretty quiet when it is zipping from one floor to another. If you hear a lot of beating, banging or clanging when the elevator is in motion, there could be a host of different problems going on. A noisy elevator can be a sign of a dangerous problem; not to mention, it can be quite annoying and can affect the overall atmosphere in your office.

3. The Doors are Sluggish

The doors on your elevator should open and close quickly and quietly. If they seem to be sluggish, there could be a problem with the door mechanism. Eventually, this could result in someone getting "stuck" in the elevator. Your doors might just need to be lubricated so that they will open and close more easily, or there might be a need for repairs.

You shouldn't play around with elevator maintenance. Since your company elevator could cause injury to someone if it fails at the wrong moment -- and because your elevator being out of operation later on could have a big impact on your office and the people who work there -- it is important to perform maintenance as it is needed. If you notice any of these three problems with your company elevator, you should call an elevator service company like Capital Elevator Services Inc to come out and help you. 

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