Six Great Reasons Why You Need An Open Air Pole Barn

Pole barns can either be closed-sided or open air structures depending you personal needs and preferences. Both types are easy to build and offer significant design flexibility, making them attractive options for homeowners who need a sheltered space on their property, but sometimes the open-air design is most desirable. Following are six great reasons to purchase an open air pole barn kit and put it up on your land.

You've Got Young Children

Kids complaining about not being able to play outdoors when it's raining? You can fix that situation with an open-air pole barn. Simply place play equipment under it and they'll be out of your hair. Roofing the pole barn with reflective material will result in a cooler environment that provides relief from summer's heat.

You've Got Teenagers

Open-air pole barns make an excellent beginning construction project for boys and girls alike. Everyone should know the basics of construction even if they don't plan to pursue it as a career, and open-air pole barn kits are simple enough to put up that they make an excellent family project.

You've Got Livestock

Even if you've got a another barn on your property where your livestock weathers storms and sleeps at night, a pole barn in the pasture gives animals a place to go for a quick escape from sudden showers or for some shade on scorching summer days.

You've Got Hay

Open-air pole barns make excellent storage places for hay because they provide protection from precipitation yet allow for the air circulation that hay needs in order to remain mold and mildew free. They also make good firewood storage spots for the same reasons.

You've Got Vehicles

If you're like many people, your garage is already stuffed with, well, stuff that isn't cars. That means everyone's parking on the street; in the driveway; and in the rain, hail, hot sun, and snow. You can fix this problem by putting up a pole barn and putting those vehicles under cover.

You've Got a Wife or Husband

Something about the sound of summer rain on a metal roof is pretty romantic, so put a picnic table under your pole barn, pour the wine, and light the candles with your loved one next time a summer storm rolls through. Don't have a loved one? Grab a book. Reading to the sound of rain on a metal roof is a pleasure that shouldn't be missed.

If any of these ideas have struck your fancy, track down some pole barn kits and see what you can do!

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