Top 3 Heating And Cooling Myths

Are you a new homeowner? Are you still learning about your home's heating and cooling system? Keeping your home comfortable doesn't have to be complicated, but there are still some common myths that you may have heard. Learning the truth behind the following myths will help you to manage your heating and cooling expenses:

Myth #1 - If you want to change the temperature fast, set the thermostat several degrees higher or lower: 

It doesn't matter what temperature you set your heating and cooling system to, the temperature will change at the same rate. An air conditioner only has so many "units" of cold that it can deliver per minute, so setting the thermostat ten degrees colder than you want will do nothing but increase your electricity costs as the temperature gets below what you'd consider comfortable. If you want to feel a change more quickly, consider installing a ceiling fan. Although a ceiling fan won't lower the actual temperature, the circulating air should help you feel cooler.

Myth #2 - Closing air vents in rooms you aren't using will save on your heating and cooling costs: 

This one might be true in older homes, but isn't true in most modern homes. Modern systems are usually constructed with the airflow of the entire home taken into consideration. Closing one or more vents could change the pressure inside the vents, throwing off the balance of the system. It could cause your furnace or air conditioner to work harder and for the excess air to leak into your attic or basement where it will go to waste. If there are rooms that you don't use very often, ask a heating and cooling technician to come out and inspect your vent system. They'll be able to tell you whether it's safe to close those vents or if the ducting can be renovated to allow you to close the vents.

Myth #3 - As long as your heating and cooling system is heating and cooling, you don't need to think about it: 

Just like with any machinery, heating and cooling systems need regular inspections and maintenance. Similar to how you should take your car in for a tune up and to change the fluids or spark plugs to keep it in good condition, there are things that a repair technician (like those at Universal Enterprises Inc.) should do with your heating and cooling system. For example, if you have a gas furnace, the burners could start to corrode and become a fire hazard or simply refuse to work. Preventative maintenance will cost less in the long run than a full-size repair bill.

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