4 Benefits Of Well Water

Drilling a well on your own land can provide a wealth of benefits for you and your family. Municipal water supplies are often laden with chemicals to destroy bacteria levels in the water, but these chemicals are also known carcinogens. Also, in spite of the added chemicals, many municipal water supplies do not even meet governmental standards on safety. If you are considering having a well dug, you should be aware of the following benefits of well water.

Better Taste

One of the biggest advantages to well water is the taste. Municipal water contains chlorine and other chemicals that can make the water taste and smell like bleach. Well water has a much purer taste and is said to be more refreshing. In the summer it is often colder than tap water because it comes from underground, and it is softened naturally.

Lower Cost

The initial cost of drilling a well can be expensive. It doesn't take long for the well to pay for itself. With a well, you no longer have to pay monthly water fees to your local water department, but if you experience a drought and the well runs dry, you may have to drill a new well. When you own a well, you do not have to conform to the city's water restrictions during the summer months. You can use as much water as you want for free, though it may have a limited amount in dry conditions.

Less Pollution

Drilling a well on your property results in less water pollution. Municipal water systems use industrial machines to filter the water. These machines use a lot of energy, and they contribute to the local pollution in the environment. Well water is filtered in layers of sand and stone as it travels underground. This makes well water much more environmentally friendly than your city's water source.

Fiscal Benefits

There are state and federal tax credits that are given to individuals who own a well. Well drilling is considered a capital expense. The cost of a well may not be deducted from your taxes, but when you are ready to sell your home, you can deduct the cost of drilling the well from your sale price. This will reduce your capital gains tax.

Owning a well offers a wealth of benefits from health to financial. While it may seem like a huge investment initially, the overall cost savings over a period of time far outweigh the expense. Also, if you are concerned with the health of your family, a well reduces your exposure to various carcinogens. Visit http://www.wellservicetampabay.com for more information.

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