How to Enhance Farm Security with Custom Gates

Operating any type of farming operation or agriculture supply business can make you an instant target for thieves. Valuable farm machinery and equipment, as well as livestock and even fuel are frequently stolen in farming regions.

Even relatively small farms that produce only seasonal crops such as hay are not exempt from this type of crime because some of the fertilizers used in crop production are also in demand for the illegal production of methamphetamines.

The best protection for these properties is to implement a plan that will prevent thieves from gaining access to the property at all by erecting a secure fence along the perimeters of the property and restricting access through existing entry points with custom gates. Here are a couple steps to make that happen.

Map Out a Secure Fencing and Gate Strategy

Thieves are always looking for properties that offer them an easy entrance and exit strategy. They know that properties that allow them to freely drive or walk in will also be the ones that enable them to make a fast getaway with less risk of being seen or apprehended.

The first step in thwarting this type of crime is to install perimeter fencing, such as:

  • Chain link fencing topped with razor wire
  • Three or four strands of high tensile electrified fencing
  • Privacy-type fences made of closely spaced lumber or metal panels that prevent potential thieves from seeing in or climbing over

Chain link and high tensile electrified fencing are best suited for large properties, such as farms and ranches, while privacy fences are a better option for small farm supply businesses.

Limit Access with Custom Gates

This is the second step necessary in any plan designed to foil attempts to steal from farms, ranches and businesses in rural areas. One of the best ways to do this is to have custom gates made and installed that securely block all unauthorized access, both by vehicle and on foot.

If workers or family members need frequent access, the custom gates can be fitted with an automatic opener system that can be opened by authorized personnel from inside their vehicles or by using a key card or code. For gate locations that do not have access to the electric grid, ask a custom gate installer like Carter Fence Co for information about installing an automatic opener that operates from power produced by a small, attached solar panel.

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