5 Fun, Creative Ways To Cultivate A Pothole

Every year, 240 million vehicles zip along American roadways--traveling nearly 3 trillion miles across, over, under, and through the roadways.  (As a point of reference, the distance from the earth to the sun is a paltry 93 million miles--or roughly 0.003% of the total amount of miles Americans drive each year.)  To no one's surprise, these astronomical distances wreak incalculable havoc on the nation's roads, a fact clearly evidenced by the countless potholes that make almost every journey--no matter how short--a treacherous gamble.  What, if anything, can you do about it?  Should you notify someone about the dilapidated crater you narrowly avoided on your way to work this morning?  Or should you take a more proactive stance, maybe attempt to repair and fill it yourself?  

Without a doubt, someone--the appropriate government agency or roadway repair company--must be promptly alerted.  Over time, potholes continue to crumble and collapse; they can become quite dangerous, particularly those that are very large or deep.  After you report the problem, though, then what?  The pothole surely won't be repaired over night--and maybe it's on your street, right in front of your home, a blight on the entire neighborhood.  While you wait for a more permanent solution, consider transforming your pothole into something more than just another common indentation in the road that people drive over and complain about.  Here are five innovative ways to turn your pothole into a personalized, one-of-a-kind pothole: 

  1. A laboratory that studies the latest experimental research on non-Newtonian fluid dynamics.  Non-Newtonian fluids are unique because they become harder and denser when force is applied to them.  The most common examples are cornstarch mixed in water and certain kinds of putty.  These special liquids are already being used to repair some potholes, and they may play a critical role in the future of infrastructure. 
  2. A Botanical/ecological terrarium filled with plants and insects of your choosing: a pothole garden of delights.  Which specimens will flourish?  Which will perish?  If you live on a quiet street and can provide plenty of adult supervision, you could let children take part in this ecological project--a great way to teach them about horticulture and environmental stewardship.  Why shouldn't your potholes be as manicured as your lawn? 
  3. A contemporary art gallery or photography studio, depending on your tastes.  Special effects can be employed to create more illusory, artistic images.  (No technical skill required to turn your pothole into a surrealist's doughnut fryer, though!)  The scenes and concepts that you can stage are limitless: a pothole can instantly transform into an ice bucket or a baptismal font--all in the name of art!

Potholes will continue to be a nuisance so long as people drive vehicles on roadways.  They will, however, be less dangerous if you report them promptly.  In the meantime, use your unsightly asphalt crater as a tool for personal growth and creative insight to cultivate your pothole garden! Or contact a professional like Bituminous Roadways, Inc. to see about getting that pothole fixed.

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