Take The Struggle Out Of Cooking By Improving Kitchen Organization

Storage is one of the biggest concerns in a kitchen. Where you keep all of the pots and pans, dishes, utensils, spices and food can make a huge difference in how usable your kitchen is. If you are planning on a kitchen renovation or just making a few changes to your already finished kitchen, you would do well to learn a few creative storage ideas that will help improve the flow of your kitchen while it is in use.

Pot and Pan Storage

How often have you had to dig out every pot and pan in your cabinet to get to the one little skillet you need to fry up an egg or two? One way to avoid this mess is by having drawers installed in your pot and pan cabinet. The drawers slide out of the cabinet making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for without having to remove every last lid in the cabinet.

Storing Spices

Those little canisters of spices can quickly take over an entire cabinet in your kitchen. When you need a teaspoon of ground cumin for a recipe, you have to spend twenty minutes digging through each and every container until you find the one you need. To reduce the time it takes to find your spices, consider installing a shallow shelving unit with a decorative door on a wall or the side of your cabinetry. This way, you have a lot of space to store all of the spices in single rows so that you can quickly and easily grab the one that you need to complete the meal.

Utensil Storage

Measuring spoons and cups, stirring spoons and ladles, spatulas and wooden spoons can quickly accumulate in a deep utensil drawer. Again, when you need one or the other, you spend a great deal of time digging through the seemingly bottomless utensil drawer looking for just what you need. Instead of tossing these things in a deep drawer, consider hanging them on the inside of your cabinet doors. You can use little hooks installed on the cabinet doors or magnetic strips to hang the utensils from. This will give you easy access to what you need and make cooking a little more fun.

Talk with your local kitchen renovation and cabinet professional, such as Rynone Kitchen & Baths, to learn more fun ways to organize your kitchen to make it more user friendly. You will find cooking and baking more enjoyable when you remove the struggles from the process.

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