Buying An Old Home With Flickering Lights? Get An Inspection And Stay Safe

If you are interested in purchasing an older home, but you notice the lights flicker, hum, and look dated, you want to call an electrician. The cost to have an electrician inspect the home is worth it, because it could prevent a fire or another expensive problem later on.

The building codes and safety regulations for electrical wiring, outlets and components have changed greatly in the past few decades, so it's worth your safety to have the experts check out your wiring. Here are the signs that indicate you need an inspection, and the benefits of getting one.

Indications of Flaws

If the lights in the house are making buzzing or humming noises when you turn them on, or until the light illuminates, something is wrong with the wiring. If the lights flicker, shoot sparks, or randomly comes off and on, the wiring needs inspected. If you turn on a light switch or a power switch and that outlet doesn't work, or if you blow a fuse trying to turn on too many lights, the electrical contractor will inspect these things.

The Dangers

If the wiring is rusted or corroding, it has been gnawed at by pests, or has been improperly wired, you should know that the house is at the risk of catching fire. If someone touches one of the wires, or outlets near the faulty wiring, they could be at the risk of getting electrocuted. Thousands of people die annually because of residential fires in the United States, so it's important to have a thorough professional inspection completed.

Benefits of Correction

If all of the wiring needs to be replaced, or there are some major updates required to make the home safe, try to work the details out with the seller to save money. The corrections aren't just going to make the home safe for occupancy, but will also help you get a better rate on your homeowner's insurance. New copper wiring can also improve the value of the home.

If something just doesn't seem right with the electrical wiring in a home that you want to purchase, have a home inspection completed and have the entire electrical system checked out by a licensed electrician. Ask for an estimate of the work that needs to be done so you can present it to the seller, or so you can ask that the amount be removed from the purchase cost of the home. To learn more about proper electrical wiring, check out

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