3 Ways To Create A Colorful Driveway

The driveway of your home can be a focal point to your curb appeal. Plain gray concrete is functional but not particularly attention getting or stylish. But a few tricks can help bring color to your driveway and better accent the front of your home.

Pigment or Stain

These two materials achieve similar results at different stages of production. If you have an existing driveway you don't plan to replace, you can apply a stain over the concrete to add more color. The stain will allow some of the natural beauty of the concrete to shine through but can be utilized to make the driveway look like its made of stone or brick.

Liquid or powder pigment can be added to the concrete before its poured to create a custom-dyed driveway. The color is more even than with staining and can either be a tint, allowing the natural concrete to peek through, or more of a solid color that looks like paint. Contact your concrete professional to discuss pigment color options ahead of your project.

Concrete Stamp Overlay

Stamped concrete combines the production method of pigment dyeing with the mimicry of staining – but also adds in textures. A concrete company can use base and accent colors plus a textured stamp to make the concrete look like authentic brick or stonework. This creates a look that's more realistic when viewing close-up than staining, which is essentially just a fancy paint job.

The stamped concrete can also be used to make it look like your driveway has paving stone accents. This can provide additional color or emphasis. Colorful options include red brick, multicolored marble and varying shades of brown river rock.

Accent Materials

Don't want to alter the look of your existing concrete? Consider using colorful accents along each side of the driveway. This can include brick red landscaping stones, blue and yellow outdoor mosaic tiles or even just bright white stones. You can add even more interest by using the accent tiles to frame in a flower bed along the driveway. Plant low, colorful flowers such as petunias or marigolds to keep things looking tidy.

When choosing to alter the appearance of your concrete, make sure the final step is a high-quality, waterproof sealer that will protect your new work of art from weather and use damage. Check with a concrete professional such as CTI Of The Desert to find out which products will work best for your particular project.

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