Choosing The Right Kitchen Counterrtop

If you're planning on remodeling your kitchen, one of the things you want to look at our your options when it comes to countertop materials. There are many types to choose from, and your particular decor and budget play into which one might be best for your project. In addition, your preferences with regard to cooking and entertaining will also have an impact. Below are some of the features of the most popular countertop types.


Ceramic tiles can range from moderately expensive to fairly inexpensive, depending on which ones you choose. But be cautious about purchasing very cheap tiles, since they are more likely to chip or crack. Because ceramic tile is more resistant to heat, it's less likely to be damaged if you ever place hot pans or pots on the counter. However, the design of some tiles can make your countertop slightly uneven. This in turn can make using cutting boards and other kitchen devices more difficult.


If you do a lot of cutting in your cooking, wooden countertops can be a great choice. This is because any scratches in them can be easily repaired. However it's important to choose a wood that is very water resistant. It's also essential to clean a wooden countertop on a regular basis in order to prevent food contamination issues. You have to occasionally reseal and wax them to maintain their appearance. One drawback to wooden countertops is that they can be one of the most expensive types to install.


If you're not interested in a natural, folksy kind of kitchen, metal countertops can be a good option. A metal countertop is an extremely durable surface that resists both heat and bacteria. It does have certain problems however. It doesn't resist scratches very well and it can produce a lot of noise when someone is working in the kitchen.


Natural stone countertops like granite or marble are very pricey. Still, if they are properly maintained, you may never have to replace them. If you want your stone countertop to be effective at resisting stains, it will have to be regularly sealed. Stone countertops provide effective protection against both water and heat.


One of the latest innovations in the industry is the use of concrete for kitchen countertops. Modern concrete applications can be made to look as though they are stone, wood or even ceramic. You can even personalize your concrete countertop by embedding things inside it. The only major drawback of a concrete countertop is that it can crack very easily if you drop a heavy object (such as an iron frying pan) on it.

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