Causes Of Leaky Toilets And How To Fix Them

Have you been noticing water around the base of your toilet lately? If so, you may want to call in a plumber to take a look at it, because the problem will not fix itself. Toilets can leak for a number of reasons, and while many of these problems can be fixed with simple repairs, others may require replacing the entire toilet.

Simple Repair Problems

Here are four things that cause toilets to leak, and each of these can be fixed relatively easily:

  1. Worn out bolts – A toilet is held in place with bolts and washers. If any of these become loose, corroded, or worn out, leaks can occur. A plumber can fix this problem by replacing these parts.
  2. Loose pipes – A loose pipe is a common cause for any type of plumbing leak, and it can be fixed by tightening it.
  3. Broken pipes – As pipes age, they tend to wear out, especially if they are made of copper. Replacing a broken pipe will stop the water from leaking from your toilet.
  4. Float issues – Inside the tank of your toilet, you will find a float. If the float is worn out, it can lead to leaks.

These are all common reasons for leaks, but there are other issues that can also occur.

Repairs that Require Replacement

If your toilet has a crack in it, your plumber will recommend replacing the entire fixture. A toilet is made up of a bowl and a tank. If either of these parts gets cracked, water will leak, and there is no way to fix this type of problem without replacing the toilet.

There may be a way for the plumber to replace the tank only if that is the only part which is broken, but this will require finding a tank that will fit properly for your toilet.

Reasons to Fix the Problem

Like any other plumbing problem, leaky toilets allow water to seep into a home. Any type of water leak can be devastating because water can cause a lot of damage if it is leaking inside a house. You should also realize that plumbing problems often start small, but they will only get worse. Because of this, you should get any type of small plumbing problem fixed as soon as you notice it.

You can hire a plumber to come to your home at any time, and most plumbers even offer emergency services for times when problems occur during the evenings, weekends, or holidays. Reach out to a company like Quality Plumbing Inc if you're experiencing any problems.

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